Curriculum Intent

At Nythe Primary School, the curriculum is designed to raise the aspirations of all pupils through developing core skills: to be resilient; to be critical thinkers; to be inquisitive and to take risks in their learning. The ability to learn is underpinned by the teaching of knowledge, skills and values, which are regularly revisited to allow pupils to deepen their understanding.

We believe that childhood should be a happy, investigative and enquiring time of life, where no limits are placed on curiosity and imagination. Our curriculum is designed to engage and inspire pupils by embracing their thirst for knowledge and new experiences.

The environment plays an important role in our curriculum. Children are encouraged to explore and take pride in their local environment, and to develop an awareness of their place in the wider world.

Curriculum Delivery

We use the National Curriculum together with a range of other resources, to design a bespoke curriculum for our pupils that is broad, balanced, relevant and inclusive. We aim to engage children’s learning through a curriculum that challenges them, excites their imaginations and develops the skills that they will need to be successful in their futures.  Our curriculum is responsive to the needs of our pupils and their families.

We have knowledgeable subject leaders who are responsible for designing their area of the curriculum alongside class teachers, and who constantly develop their own knowledge, as well as that of the teaching team. Subject leaders work together to identify where meaningful links can be made between different curriculum areas. We are constantly reviewing our curriculum to ensure that it meets the needs of our pupils.

Link to national curriculum


We are keen to give our pupils the opportunity to try new things and to develop their own interests. We regularly hold whole school themed weeks, such as Dragon’s Den week, where the children are able to become inventors and share their designs with the school; The Great Nythe Bake Off week, where each class researches, designs and bakes a dish to be judged by our ‘experts’; and Writing in Science week, where children complete exciting experiments to inspire their writing.

Each year, all children have the opportunity to participate in Forest School sessions led by our trained Forest School Leader, Mrs Ward. These sessions take place in our onsite woodland area and give children the opportunity to complete activities such as den building, whittling and building campfires.

We make use of external companies and organisations by encouraging visits to school. Recently, we have had visits from authors such as Simon Murray and M.P. Robertson, the NSPCC and members of the team at our local church, St Paul’s Church. Visitors have also helped us to hold whole school events, such as a pantomime performed by M&M Productions, and a science dome in the school hall where all children were able to experience what it would be like to visit a planetarium.

Extra Curricular

We use pupil voice to determine the clubs that are offered at Nythe. Some of the clubs that we offer include:

  • Relax Kids
  • Reading
  • Performing Arts
  • Board Games
  • Football
  • Tag Rugby
  • Ball Skills
  • Quidditch
  • Ukulele

We are always looking for new ideas for clubs to try – if you have any ideas then we would love to hear them!